Lillian Driessens-Fleming

Author, A Separate Branch: The Untold True Story of the Author's Life

Lillian Driessens-Fleming

Lillian is a first time author, mother of four children, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.


She is a retired tobacco farmer and cable T.V. hostess and a semi-retired hairstylist.

Lillian has been a dedicated volunteer throughout the years to many organizations and causes such as women's abuse centres, an elderly abuse advocate, Time Out programming, and hospice services.

She has also been educated as a private investigator and paralegal.

Still going strong at 75, Lillian has a great passion for life and an avid interest in other people's life stories and experiences. 

It is Lillian's sincere desire that her story will help and encourage others, and give them hope to face whatever obstacles may arise throughout their lives.