Lillian Driessens-Fleming

Author, A Separate Branch: The Untold True Story of the Author's Life

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Lillian is interested in your first impressions of her memoir: A Separate Branch.

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This is an amazing book, and I am so blessed to have the pleasure to meet such amazing soul in my life.  She is my mentor, and gives me the strength to fulfill my life's journey.  - Ingrid Rosell

Just purchased my eBook, can't wait to drive in! Congrats Lillian. -Paula Ataide-Ponte

I know this book will be a great success. -Yvonne Deroo

This book was a real eye opener to me.  It is amazing what people we meet and even know have weathered during their lives.  I believe most of us are very adept at hiding our past traumas just to survive.  This very strong lady has kept so much hidden but now she is opening up about the treatment she received from those who should have been protecting her (her birth family).  The abuse continued for years from all around but she soldiered on.  

Making people aware that there are many who are abused in one way or another, whether it be elderly abuse, child abuse, spousal abuse, verbal, psychological or physical so they will be moved to do something about it is the reason she wrote this book.  I know it was not an easy undertaking but very worthwhile in my estimation.  - Sue (London, Ontario)